Peasant by Vic Winter
Here There Be Dragons Chasers, Book 1
Torquere Press
Gay Fantasy (M/M)
ISBN: (13) 978-1-60370-122-8; (10) 1-60370-122-2
Reviewed by Sabella



Toma and Nuk have grown up together and now that they have responsibilities of their own they spend every spare moment together having fun in the forest.  However, one day when they are horsing around their favorite spot they come across a dead knight and a strange looking egg.  When the egg hatches into a baby dragon Toma is immediately enchanted by the funny looking creature who seems to respond to him.  How will Toma and Nuk hide this secret from their families and manage to care properly for this baby dragon?

Peasant is a wonderfully entertaining fantasy story that revolves around two friends and the magical discovery of dragons.  Unbeknownst to them this chance discovery will change their lives, but will they survive the changes headed their way?  Both Toma and Nuk are entertaining with their youthful enthusiasm and naÔvetť regarding what their experimenting with each other means.  Also, the dragon character adds an entertaining touch that promises to lead the boys on an adventure and entertain the reader with itís antics.  Peasant is a good fantasy tale that promises to entertain from start to finish Ė I canít wait for the next installment!


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