Pawprints by Anne Cain
Loose Id
Yaoi-inspired, LGBT, Shape-shifter, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-576-0
Reviewed by Raine



Adrian, a veterinarian student, volunteers at an animal shelter with his long-time friend Marty on the weekends. Only this weekend isnít going like most. Theyíve had a cat come in who seems special and is really scared. In preparation to leave the shelter to go home Adrian hits his head leaving him a little disillusioned. Adrianís apartment is not allowed pets, but he takes the cat home with him anyway feeling like itís the right thing to do. What he thought was a hallucination turns out to be a dream come true, this cat is a shifter and one of the most gorgeous loving creatures Adrian has ever met. The trouble that follows this particular shifter though turns out to be very dangerous.

Ann Cain writes a very sweet story about slave shifters finding love in another world. When Adrian meets Lal its lust at first sight and then becomes so much more in a very short time. Itís the kind of love you put your life on the line for. Pawprints is a sweet love story that will put a sappy smile on your face as you read these menís story.


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