Packing Up by Hannah Beckham
Send ‘em Packing, Book 3
Changeling Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-717-6
Reviewed by Lisa



A career in Security has some wild and dangerous moments for Maya Eddings.  While protecting baseball star Conrad Gentry during a baseball bat signing a fan attacks and Maya is injured.

Incubus boyfriend Stephen Daniels and Lycan boyfriend Matt Brewer both love Maya with all their hearts. Threats to Maya’s health and well being drive the two men crazy with worry.

A near death experience in an ambulance is one thing but a spooky shadow taking over people to kill Maya is something else altogether. The three lovers’ scramble to find an answer to the shadow’s interest in Maya before she does die, permanently.

Witty dialogue, sexy situations and a fast pace give us Packing Up by author Hannah Beckham. While I could understand this story easily, this should be considered a part of an ongoing storyline and better off read in order. A smart ass heroine I really liked and two hot men in an interesting situation make Packing Up a welcome addition to the series!


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