Oranges and Peppermints by Dallas Coleman
Torquere Press
Gay Western
Reviewed by Beth Anne



Jeremiah had hoped to make the trip to the train depot from their mountainside cabin with his lover Charles, but those plans were nixed when Charles had an accident near the creek and fell.  While Charles recovers, Jeremiah went alone into town determined to bring back gifts to give Charles a special day to add to his many childhood memories of waking up to oranges on Christmas morning.  Jeremiah’s childhood memory of Christmas morning included peppermint candy.

At the depot, Jeremiah filled his saddlebags with white sugar, wheat, coffee, salt, nails, peppermint candy, and two specially ordered by Jeremiah precious ripe firm oranges.  Hoping to make it in time for the holiday, Jeremiah starts the return trip home regardless of the beginning of a vicious winter storm.  When Charles suspects that Jeremiah is caught in the storm, Charles goes looking for him even with an injured leg.

Both men in Oranges and Peppermints, are stubborn and mule-headed, but fierce in their love towards each other.  I enjoyed the passion, love and sacrifices both men were willing to make for their partner and the lengths they went to for each other, building on each others special holiday memories and making new ones together sharing Oranges and melting the Peppermints in their mouths with warmed whiskey.


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