Open to Possibilities by Carol Lynne
Men in Love series, Book 3
Ellora’s Cave
Gay Contemporary Cowboy Romance (M/M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-41990-993-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Gabe Whitlock is enjoying for the first time in his life having a home of his own, just one fly in the ointment – his home used to belong to the abusive father of one of his friends.  But Gabe wants to ignore that and build up the ranch with the help of the ranch foreman – Rex Cotton.  Rex is also giving Gabe lots of things to dream about, too bad the man isn’t available.  But Gabe gets the surprise of his life when Rex seems to return his interest so Gabe grabs the man and won’t let go…

Rex Cotton has lived all his life on the ranch and has no interest in leaving, but when Gabe buys the ranch Rex finds himself strongly attracted to the man and hard pressed not to act on it.  But when he finds Gabe taking care of his “problem” and crying out Rex’s name all bets are off…

When geologist Boone Fowler is called in by Gabe and Rex to help them save the ranch the sparks fly between all three men.  Now, Gabe and Rex need to convince Boone to join them and complete the circle of love they have created…

Open to Possibilities is a good story with lots of sex and emotion.  Gabe, Rex and Boone are all strong Alpha males that are not afraid to show their emotions or express the love they feel for one another.  While all three men are fun to read about they are all a little too prone to break down into tears over the least emotion – which is a little annoying after the first few times.  However, the encounters between all of them are hot enough to singe you fingers and leave you sweating.  Also, the plot of this book is a nice change from the previous books of the series as it does not involve any psycho past loves or homicidal family members but rather turns around creating a riding center for handicapped people.  Do pick up Open to Possibilities when you are looking for a steamy read involving three hot men and all the gymnastics they can get up to!


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