One Juror Down by Heather Hiestand
Cerridwen Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN 9781419909726
Reviewed by Nannette



Cass Bellair and Ben Cameron are jurors in Oscar Nesell trial.  Ben and Cass are attracted to each other and begin to get to know each other, but Cass finds out that Ben once associated with Doug Frye, a man from her past who attacked her. While she wants to avoid him, Cass finds herself reaching out to Ben when her life and the lives of those she loves are threatened. 

One Juror Down is a good story with wonderful characterization and terrific suspense.  Each character introduced enhances the story and the tension grows with every page.  Cass is lovely and Ben is a good guy.  One Juror Down has great romance and suspense.


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