One Definition of Tragedy by Anah Crow
Torquere Press
Gay / Vampire
Reviewed by Cassie



Vampire Zavian likes his life the way it is, with one exception.  He enjoys running his club, and his lover, Kunal, is passionate, but he hates Kunalís constant need to leave. One night, heís had enough of having an absentee lover.  Will he be happy when he gets what he wants?

One Definition of Tragedy is a hot, fun little tale.  Kunalís forceful nature makes for some spicy love scenes.  Zavian is very fond of having his own way, and watching what happens when he gets what he thinks he wants is very amusing.  I found myself smiling a lot as Zavian tried to fix the problems he caused himself.  If youíre in the mood for a light vampire tale with hot sex scenes, pick up One Definition of Tragedy.


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