Omos of the Ether by K.M. Frontain
Loved Him to Death, Book 2
Freya’s Bower
Fantasy (M/M/M)
ISBN: 1-934069-67-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Omos has the hangover from hell and he is stuck in what appears to be a piece of rock in the middle of the ocean.  The last thing he remembers is getting drunk in a little village where someone did something to make him angry – which could explain why the peninsula where the village existed is now rubble under the sea.  It never pays to make a god angry…Now, Omos needs to feed to replenish all the energy he foolishly wasted destroying the coast, but how to do that when he is stuck all by himself with no one and nothing to eat?

Haru has been searching for Omos for some years as Haru needs his help.  It has been over a hundred years since Haru freed Intana, but now the god has been missing for too many years for it to be just Intana sulking.  Omos, as Intana’s father, can help Haru find him, but will he help?  Regardless of Omos’ intentions Haru will get his cooperation.  Haru has grown into his powers during the last century and hopefully he can entice Omos to help or somehow force Omos to his gentle will.  However, Haru will have to tread carefully as Vaal is still very much in his life and Vaal and Omos have an adversarial relationship at best.  Will they be able to work together long enough to rescue Intana or will they fight until they tear each other apart?

Omos of the Ether is a superb fantasy book and sequel to Haru of Sachoné House.  This book, as the continuation of Haru’s story is full of intrigue, love, hate, passion, mysticism and surprises that will keep you turning the pages.  Haru has changed in the years that have passed and become something more than human, but less than a god.  Just like in the previous book, Haru is wise beyond his years and acts as the stabilizing force between two deities that are prone to destructive tantrums.  Haru’s charm and wisdom mixed in with his boyish delight will entice you from start to finish.  Omos, who narrates the story, realizes through his contact with Haru how misspent his life has been, but not willingly or gracefully – which provides for a lot of humor in the story.  Vaal serves as a catalyst for most of Omos’ revelations and does not pass up any chance to provoke Omos into embarrassment.  Both Vaal and Omos try to be intimidating and abusive but Haru acts as the parent who smiles benignly at an offspring’s foolishness while gently moving them towards the action he desires of them.    The chemistry between Haru, Omos and Vaal is incendiary and when they come together it will leave you panting for breath.

Omos of the Ether ends in a cliff hanger and I can’t wait for the next book in the series to read about the trouble these three will get into together and how Intana will fit into the puzzle.  Omos of the Ether is a wonderful fantasy tale that should be on every fantasy lover’s to-be-read pile; while it can be read as a stand-alone I suggest that you read the books in order.  Get Omos of the Ether the next time you go shopping – you won’t regret it!


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