Of the Clan O’Grady by AM Riley
Torquere Press
Gay Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60370-159-4, 978-1-60370-159-1
Reviewed by Cassie



The banshee O’Grady has lived a long time, serving his clan all his life.  He’s become bitter and depressed, and he drinks way too much.  Then he runs into a lost faerie, and his whole life turns upside down…

Like all males of his kind, Maeebsef was bred to be a stupid, soft, househusband.  Unfortunately, he isn’t stupid or soft, and he can’t seem to fit in.  He meets a human one day and is so fascinated he ends up following the man away from his home.  Lost and scared, he isn’t sure what to do.  Then he meets O’Grady, who offers to help him…

Of the Clan O’Grady is an extremely enjoyable paranormal tale.  O’Grady is gruff, bitter, shunned by most paranormal creatures, and terribly lonely underneath his prickly exterior.  Maeebsef’s almost childlike amazement at everything in the human world and sweet, caring ways made him the perfect match for O’Grady.  Despite their strangeness, it was easy to sympathize with these two men.  The storyline is involving, and the ending satisfying.  If you like unusual and emotional paranormal stories, pick up Of the Clan O’Grady today!


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