Odd Man Out by Claire Thompson
Ellora’s Cave
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 9781419912818
Reviewed by Ley


Ben Richman knew breaking up with Carl was the right thing to do, he also knew accompanying Carl to a family wedding was the wrong thing to do, but that was before he set eyes on David, the breathtakingly sexy best man. David Anderson reciprocated Ben's interest, and after finding out Ben and Carl were not together he made that interest known. Accepting a ride home with David was the highlight of a potentially disastrous day for Ben and getting to know David better was definitely the right thing to do, although Carl thought otherwise.

Carl Young was very handsome, very sexy, very well off and the self-proclaimed God's gift to the world.  He was not the type of person people walk away from especially not people he felt were lucky to have him, such as Ben.  As Ben and David acted on their mutual attraction and got to know each other better, Carl set about making himself a threat to their relationship.

Odd Man Out was a good portrayal of relationships gone bad, testing limits and trusting in a new love.  Ben and David had a lot to overcome, such as their mutual belief that they were not ready for a serious relationship even though their strong attraction to each other was much more than just sexual.  David's past left him believing he could never love one man and Carl left Ben leery of relationships altogether, but in-spite of their fears they couldn't get enough of each other. I found Carl to be a very disturbing character, not just for his bow down to me attitude, but also for the fact that in his sick twisted mind he believed he loved Ben and his volatile possessive nature was not a problem.  What disturbed me even more was there were moments when I felt pity for him.  This was a very good read, a definite page-turner.


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