Night Shadows by S. A. Martin
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN: 1-58608-812-2
Reviewer: Erys



Fianna has fled from her home because her stepfather wants to make her marry Angus, a man she canít stand.  On her way to freedom, she has a run in with a thief who makes off with her dress, shoes, and all her jewels and gold.  Penniless and half naked, she continues her journey rather than return home and be forced into marriage.

Once in Moytura, Fianna finds a job and changes her name to Angharad Cullain. 

Hoping to blend into the crowd, she doesnít expect to find herself with so many suitors.

Stilo and Gaderian canít stand each other, and with good reason.  Not only do they both want the same woman, but they both want to see the otherís race dead.  Vampires and Demons donít get along, and donít ever plan to.

Night Shadows is a story that will keep you guessing along with Fianna.  There isnít any headhopping, but there are so many different points of view in the story that I found myself wanting to skip ahead to Fianna and Gaderianís points of view as they were the only characters I cared for.  Bits of the story seemed to drag for me.  This definitely isnít a fast read, but for fantasy fans that like to be kept on edge wondering what will happen next you may enjoy this.


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