Never in a Blue Moon by Shari Dare
Blue Moon Magic, Book 3
Loose Id
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-538-8
Reviewed by Lisa



Clarity Langfordís sisters are now happily mated but she doesnít want to go that route and be tied down to one man.  As the third daughter in an Elite pack she would never be able to shift into a wolf but Clarity did have extraordinary psychic gifts of her own.

As the third son in the Elite Morrison pack, Tom Morrison envied his brotherís shifting skills but knew his psychic skills were impressive.  Tom enjoyed his career and approved of the mate his parents had chosen for him.

Now it was up to Tom to convince Clarity that he was worth settling down with and he would make her happy for the rest of their lives.  In the midst of his courtship however Clarity is kidnapped and taken to the past.  It is up to Tom and the two Elite packs to rescue her before she is brutalized or killed.

Never in a Blue Moon can be read as a standalone but would definitely be enjoyed more if you already know the previous stories.  There are a lot of characters and I found it somewhat confusing knowing who went with whom at times.  The plot is pleasant but I found it somewhat bland even with the kidnapping and sex scenes.  Itís the Ďmysteryí man who appears for only a few pages and headlines the next story I found more interesting.  Itís a nice addition if you are enjoying the series but otherwise it lacks excitement.


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