Naked Dragon by G.A Hauser
Linden Bay
M/M,  Suspense, Paranormal, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60202-065-8
Reviewed by Raine



Dragon, a serial killer, has set his sights on the young male Asian prostitutes in Seattle.  Dave Harris, a police officer in Seattle, seems to be the unfortunate officer whose beat is the Dragonís hunting grounds. Daveís totally frustrated by the murders and the lack of evidence the scenes contain to identify and arrest this psychotic killer. The FBI shows up after the first few homicides to take the case over.

Enter Agent Robbie Taylor, boy in blueÖ meet man in black! Robbie is a super hot psychic the FBI has brought on the case to find anything that can help them catch this monster.  Sparks fly at Dave and Robbieís first meeting. Dave isnít sure what to think, heíd never bought into the whole psychic phenomenon before, or letting anyone know heís gay for that matter. Now that heís met Rob, he hasnít the first clue how to let him know heís interested. Lucky for him, Rob does and he doesnít mind making the first move or making a believer of Dave.

G.A. Hauserís Naked Dragon takes off very quickly with a serial killer on the loose. This storyline is well written with lots of little twists and turns.  Itís not for the faint of heart though. There are violent and graphic homicide scenes in this story, while I like that, it may not be for everyone. I had a tough time with how quickly Dave and Rob fell in love, but the passion they share when they come together is explosive! If you like a thriller and a couple hot guys in uniform, I think youíll you find this a good read!


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