My Pet By J.W. McKenna
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419902352
Reviewed by Tanya



Annette is starting to think she is a freak.  For some reason the only thing that turns her on these days is the thought of a strong man taking her and bending her to do what he wants, and not what she wants.  After pursuing the Internet and books she winds up running into Mr. Paul, an alleged Dominant and trainer who lives in a southern state.  After lots of interaction and a few trials over the miles Annette decides to take her vacation at Mr. Paul’s to see if BDSM is what she really wants for a lifestyle or just for a weekend fantasy.

When Annette “Honey” spends time at Mr. Paul’s she finds that this is what she has always wanted.  Though she is sure that she wants a Dom that is not cruel or abusive but one that will take her to the limits and not hurt her.  While being trained she also meets Master James who sees in her the submissive he has always wanted in his life.  Master James is willing to take her on, and even purchase her if she decides to put her submissiveness up for auction.

Honey decides this is the lifestyle for her and relocates to the south and finishes her training.  She is still torn with the feelings for Master Paul and Master James but is willing to let fate take its course.  Will one of them want her enough to pursue her?

My Pet is one hot BDSM book with an actual storyline and plot.  I was drawn into the story and followed along as Annette “Honey” learned about what she really desired, and how willing she was to go to get what she desired.  I felt that the story was well written and more than a little steamy.  If you like some heavy BDSM in your stories than My Pet is a must for your reading pleasure.


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