Motorcycle Heat by Adele Dubois
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Contemporary
ISBN-10: 1-59632-457-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-59632-457-2
Reviewed by Barb



Antonio Alvarez is in Annapolis to see his brother graduate from the Naval Academy. Once he leaves Annapolis he is off to the FBI. Driving along on his Harley he falls head over heels – literally - for Lisa. He has to find out more about her and see about getting rid of her issues with men in uniform.

Lisa Gibbons flips her tank top and flashes the Harley rider. He wasn’t supposed to crash land at her feet. The least she can do is have a drink with him and learn more about him.

Antonio brings out the wild side in Lisa. And Lisa brings out the heart that Antonio thought he had lost. Can they overcome her crazy, womanizing ex-boyfriend Rick. Or will Rick destroy Lisa and her reputation.

Motorcycle Heat is a steamy tale of a good girl gone bad; and finding that being bad was the best choice she could have made.  Adele Dubois writes a wonderful tale filled with smartly written characters that you either love or hate. And Adele adds twists that keep the reader enjoying the ride. Most definitely worth the read


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