Mischief Night by Cris Anson
Tricks and Treats
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance/ Ménage
ISBN: 9781419913785
Reviewed by Tanya



Annabelle has lusted after her boss, Mr. Smith, for the entire six months she has been at this new firm.  But office protocol dictates they all address each other formally as Mr., Miss, etc. Then he not only finds her Playgirl calendar, which she keeps in her desk as June reminds her of Mr. Smith, but he invites her to a Halloween masquerade party.  She accepts quickly, and when she gets to the party, she is instructed to go through a haunted house.  But the haunted house is not the normal Halloween fare; it is an erotic haunted house.  She is hopeful that she will find Mr. Smith on the other end and finally get to taste the delectable man.  When she does and finds him more relaxed than normal, she heads into a dark corner with him.  Suddenly he is behind her asking her what she is doing.  How could there be two of them?

After a night of adventure, what will happen in the office the next day?  Can she go back to ignoring the man?  She loves her job and doesn’t want to jeopardize it.

An up-and-coming architect seems to finally have all her hard work paying off for her in both her professional and personal life in Mischief Night.  This fast-paced erotic read was a fun look at a haunted, or is that an erotic, house and mistaken identity.  The author is also superior at separating the personal and professional lives of the main characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed Mischief Night and hope to read more from this author in the future.


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