Michael by Bianca D’Arc
Sons of Amber: 2
Phaze Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 1-59426-739-1
Reviewed by Lisa



On the orbital platform called Atlantia Station, Commandant Michael Amber is the man in charge.  As a Son of Amber, a genetically produced male, his role is that of a dominant man, a leader and someone who gives orders and expects complete compliance and never, ever mix his career with his personal life.

XO (Executive Officer) to the Commandant, Colonel Leah Blackfoot takes her job seriously and loves her work, but now her biological clock is ringing loudly non-stop.  It’s time to step down from the military and embrace single motherhood, always wishing that Michael was in her and her sons’ life.

Leah is the best XO that Michael has ever worked with, she calms him down easily when his temper gets the best of him, and he doesn’t want to loose her.  A vital undercover mission may just give Michael and Leah the answers they need because hiding their feelings for each other isn’t helping the situation.  Could a compromise work. or does the fire blaze too hot for them to handle?

Michael is a solid sci-fi story of love, intrigue, erotica and mild domination.  I found Leah heartwarming and feisty, while Michael’s Alpha personality fairly jumps off the pages.  It would help though, if the words dominant or Dom weren’t used as frequently as they lost their ‘power’ quickly.  Having said that, Bianca D’Arc delivers an enjoyable futuristic tale with exciting believable characters.


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