Ballz by Kiernan Kelly

Parker Jennings hates his job.  Hates it.  His boss is an ass and the uniform he has to wear is humiliating.  But when a stranger walks up to him and offers him something better – there has to be a catch, right?

Ballz is a hilarious story and Parker is adorable. Ballz is a great story that will charm you and have you laughing out loud.


Off World: Negotiation by Stephanie Vaughan

Cal and Sarhaan are in Mars looking to set up a contract for their company, but when a man from Cal’s past is on the other side of the table to negotiate the terms things get complicated. Will Sarhaan be able to ignore the other man’s attempt to pick up Cal?

Cal and Sarhaan are back and as sexy as ever. Off World: Negotiation is a steamy interlude that updates us on the lives of Cal and Sarhaan. Sarhaan is as sexy and as dominant as ever, while Cal is sweet and yielding. This story is not to be missed!


A Thousand Words by Jodi Payne

Patrick is an artist who makes a living painting things for people around the world. Garrett is his UPS delivery guy that stops by twice a week to pick up and drop off packages. However, this week Patrick invites him in and surprises Garrett in an amazing way…

A thousand Words is a sweet and incredibly erotic tale that will have you glued to the screen and leave you sweating. Patrick and Garrett are lava hot together!


Private Indecency by M Alden

Chad is a bad boy and he wants his own personal cop, Mike, to catch him misbehaving.  When Mike gets Chad in his hands the real fun begins…

Private Indecency is a fun romp involving uniforms and toys.  Chad and Mike will melt your screen and have you smiling all at once.


Someone to Watch Over Me by BA Tortuga

Coming home from war is never easy, but Jack’s luck changes when he meets Harry once again. The first time they met they experienced one furtive encounter before shipping out, but now they have all the time in the world.

Someone to Watch Over Me is an incredibly sweet story about coming home and finding a treasure thought lost. Jack and Harry are both sweet and sensual and their coming together is wonderfully emotional.


Oxers and Spreads by J. Rocci

Kent is doing what he loves – riding his horse Sidhe successfully in competition. However, what really makes his day is having Eric waiting for him outside the ring.

Oxers and Spreads is charming story about love and family. Kent and Eric will have you panting for breath when they come together while your heart is pounding from the deep emotions they share.


Captain's Orders by Angelia Sparrow

Dressing up as their favorite characters from Star Trek – Kirk and Spock – Dave and Chris are having fun at the con. Everyone is taking pictures and Dave and Chris are soaking it up.

Captain’s Orders is a funny tale that plays on the slash fiction written of famous characters such as Kirk and Spock. Dave and Chris are funny and steamy as they come together while playing at their characters.


Buckle, Buckle, Pop by Kara Larson

Alex and Denni are having fun during their tour in a space freighter but now that time is running out they need to decide what they are willing to do to stay together. However, Alex has a plan that involves a set of leathers that Denni fantasizes about…

Buckle, Buckle, Pop is a charming tale about commitment.  Alex and Denni are hot together and their story is a lot of fun to read as they explore the complications of a leather uniform with lots of zippers and buckles.


The Patient Professor by Jane Davitt

Rick loves his job at the museum and the mysterious Professor that has been haunting the exhibits for the last couple of months has caught his eye. When a chance comes up to get to know the man better Rick jumps at the chance.

The Patient Professor is a sweet and witty romance that will knock your socks off.  Rick and Ben are great together and I hope to get more stories about them in the future.


Cut and Thrust by Stevie Woods

Gerard is determined to become a Musketeer even if it means being disowned by his family. When he finally gets there he meets Dacian again, who was his first crush. Now all Gerard needs to do is convince Dacian that he is worth the risk of loving.


Cut and Thrust is a nice historical romance that uses the Musketeers as a backdrop.


Light My Fire by Alexa Snow

Henry is sort of a geek and he knows it.  So when Jonah, a gorgeous guy, hits on him at a club, Henry ends up drinking a lot to cover his nervousness.  Will Jonah turn out to be too good to be true?

Light My Fire is a charming story about two vulnerable men who meet by accident and continually misunderstand each other. Both Henry and Jonah are endearing, hot and charmingly insecure.


The Red Jungle by James Buchanan

Joe stuck in a god forsaken rock too injured to fight in the frontlines but not injured enough to go home. When doing the nightly rounds to pick up the stray recruits nets him Grant, Joe discovers the advantages of following direct orders.

The Red Jungle is a tale about the dark side of war and how the soldiers involved find their own slices of heaven amidst the hell of fighting.


Madim U'Gmadim --Uniforms and Elves by E. M. Ben Shaul

Dani Perez met Noam when he came to the office to fill out his paperwork for his stint in the Israeli Army…

Madim U'Gmadim --Uniforms and Elves is an uplifting and sad tale all at once.  It looks at pivotal moments in out lives and how little things can stay with you for years.


Performing Arts by CB Potts

Damian has had it with the snotty little actor, Grey. But when Grey has Damian thrown off the movie, Damian goes after Grey to see how he can change his mind.

Performing Arts is a funny and incredibly erotic story and the end will leave you laughing at the ridiculousness that two grown men can get into.


Staying In by Sean Michael

Jason is nervous – tonight he is supposed to meet all of Harry’s friends and co-workers at a formal affair and he can’t find anything to wear and his hair refuses to behave.  But when Harry arrives to pick up Jason a whole lot of undressing goes on…

Staying In is a charming and steamy hot story.  Both Harry and Jason will have you laughing out laud and panting for breath.


Men in Uniform II is an awesome anthology that has hot men in all sorts of uniforms.  From fast-food to soldiers we get to see different uniforms and the men who get turned on by them.  Get yourself Men in Uniform II today – you won’t regret it!


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