Mate Night by Kate Hill
Changeling Press
Sci-Fi Futuristic (M/M/M)
ISBN: (13): 978-1-59596-714-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Caesar, Alexander and Ramesses have been hidden throughout the galaxy in order to protect them from the war raging in their home planet – Deerworld Six.  As the Billietri, the only fertile bucks of their race, if Caesar, Alexander and Ramesses are murdered the Capriethe race dies with them.  However, during the last decades of hiding the three Billietri have not seen each other or had contact with anyone from their home world.  Will these three strong-willed bucks be able to work together and sire the next generation or has the separation damaged what bond they had?

Mate Night is a fun erotic work that shows that a little imagination combined with the libido of three characters in rut can create a hot and entertaining read.  Caesar is the diplomat of the group and the most surprising of the characters with his steely strength.  Ramesses and Alexander are wonderful foils for Caesar with their impatient and impulsive personalities.  The encounters between them are so hot that they will have you breathing hard from the first shared look between Caesar, Alexander and Ramesses.  However, the general plot regarding the planetary politics is more of a backdrop for the trio’s relationship rather than the driving force moving along the action.  Regardless, Mate Night is an entertaining read for a lazy afternoon.


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