Marielle's Marshal by Beth Williamson
A Midsummer Nightís Steam story
Samhain Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-575-6
Reviewed by Tanya



Marielle is on her way to San Francisco to become a teacher in a new town.  She canít believe her luck when the stagecoach she is on in Texas is robbed; she is further agitated when the man across from her (the one with a gun) does nothing to stop it.  She has been chatting and flirting with this man, who calls himself Ramsey, since the ride began.  She takes his gun and fires at the robber, infuriating him into stranding her, Ramsey and the older woman traveling with them.  What Marielle doesnít know is that Ramsey is a Federal Marshall and had planned to let the notorious robber go on his way, then alert the authorities in the next town to pick him and their stuff up.  Suddenly he is dealing with a feisty woman who seems to be more headstrong than most men he knows.  But he also finds a softer, vulnerable side to her while they are tracking to the next station.  Will Ramsey and Marielle allow their desires take over and potentially even their hearts?

Marielleís Marshal was a thoroughly enjoyable read.  While the cover is quite confusing by depicting a hot summer story, the story actually takes place during the 1800ís.  I liked Marielle and her determination to achieve her wishes.  I found that the story was very well written and the characters believable. Women were strong even in the 1800ís though many books might have you believe differently. Ms. Williamson creates characters who can show this strength, as well as being vulnerable.  Marielleís Marshal is an enjoyable foray into the Wild West.


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