Love in G Minor by Sean Michael
Games People Play
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance/Light D/s (M/M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-130-3; 1-60370-130-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Stephen and Jack have fun together and they also have fun bringing others into their play. When they meet Benji in one of their regular haunts things get interesting – but also difficult. Regardless, Jack and Stephen invite Benji home with them and the seduction that follows is amazing. But can Jack and Stephen’s relationship handle the pressure of a third?

Benji has been in the city for a couple of months but already he knows that he needs to go home – the city is just not for him. But when he meets Stephen and Jack his eyes are opened to a whole new world…

Love in G Minor is a mildly kinky tale about playing and the effects of it on a relationship, but also about getting to know one self and being open to possibilities. Jack and Stephen have a good thing going; it’s hot, creative and they keep the relationship fresh in the bedroom by playing games. However, when they bring Benji home, as much fun as it is, it brings feelings to the surface that need to be addressed by Jack. Benji is young, virginal and a lot of fun as you watch him being debauched. Jack and Stephen are scorchingly hot and a little kinky but when you add Benji to the mix it’s downright explosive! Love in G Minor is very well written and a fun read, but do keep in mind that it has slight overtones of D/s dynamics. Love in G Minor is a great read for a day you are looking for a steamy read that will leave you flushed and wanting for more.


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