Love Fool by Anna J. Evans
Torrid Tarot Series, The Fool
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911897
Reviewed by Indy



As the emancipated child of a world-renowned rockstar, Mandy Miller does everything she can to make it on her own merit. She also makes sure not to fall into the same pitfalls that come with the entertainment way of life. Waking up after a night of too much drinking with a devilishly handsome stranger is not her finest moment and totally out of character for the way she’s chosen to live her life. As Mandy comes to grips being the manager of a band filled with turmoil, she is willing to see if the blond cowboy with the Spanish tongue has more possibilities than just a bad decision. Joe Paloma knows he has a reputation of being a male slut but having your heart torn to shreds can make a man do things he will later regret. Mandy makes him believe there is a possibility that his desires for “happily ever after” aren’t just a pipe dream. 

When I picked up Love Fool I had certain expectations of how the story would flow. As a fan of Anna J. Evans, I always expect exceptional sex, continuously funny dialogue and a story that warms my heart. This time I have to admit I only got two out of the three. Mandy and Joe’s relationship was hot and heavy but so much more complicated than that. These were two individuals who’d both been disappointed by the pain that comes with extreme disillusionment. The term two peas in a pod suited these two perfectly, sexually and emotionally they connected in ways most of us will never know. There was also the sideline story of the band Mandy was managing with its own set of drama that turned this into a story laced with crisis but a lot of hope. Ms. Evans really stepped up her arsenal with a tale that showed her fans that she’s a well rounded author and can do more than just make us all laugh, she can also make us shed a tear or two.


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