Lost But Not Forgotten by Mackenzie McKade
Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-193-9
Reviewed by Gracie



Jake O’Malley has often fantasized about Alison Grant handcuffed to his bed, but he never expected it to become a reality.  Jake has been in love with Allie forever, but she never really knew he existed.  He is surprised to see Allie, especially after spending a year searching for her.  Allie’s Mom never gave up on finding her after she mysteriously disappeared during a fire at her job that killed many people.

All Allie wants is her Mom and the comfort of home.  She has faced so much in the last year and there are still so many unanswered questions.  And try as she might she cannot recall the answers.  Instead she comes home to find people moving her Mom’s stuff around which lands her on a bed handcuffed.

After Jake gets over the shock of seeing Allie, he realizes she does not know about her Mom’s death or his buying her family home.  Jake is curious about where Allie has been for the last year and does not relish sharing all the changes that have occurred in her absence.  Allie is devastated about not being there for her Mom and she wants her house back from the all grown up and incredibly sexy Jake.  Jake is willing to help Allie through this tough time, but he will not budge on who the house belongs to, he has too much invested in it.  As Allie and Jake work on settling things, their attraction grows and it explodes when Allie realizes where Jake’s sexual urges can take them.  Allie’s past seems to be coming back to find her and she finds her life being threatened.  While Allie struggles to come to grips with all that has happened and works to regain her lost memories, she must face her growing feelings for Jake.  Jake needs to keep Allie safe and with him at all costs!  Will Jake and Allie be able to find a happily ever after or will the past ruin any chances they may have?

Lost But Not Forgotten is a good, sexy read.   Mackenzie McKade grabs you from the first scene and holds you until the end.  Allie is struggling with the events that have altered her life completely and while a very strong woman she just needs time to regroup.  Jake has always known that Allie is for him and he wants her completely.  The sexual chemistry between Jake and Allie is hot and I really enjoyed the light BDSM between them.  Lost But Not Forgotten is a must read and Mackenzie McKade has done it again!


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