Little Johnís Big Problem by Celine Chatillon
Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures Book 4
eXtasy Books
Humour/SciFi/Fantasy/Group Sex
ISBN 1-55410-627-3
Reviewed by Barb



Brandi Whyne shows Little John how far she is willing to go for friendship and how little she is willing to wear. She learns that size does not matter but the terrain of friendship can be rough. Now she is trying to give him everything he has wished for and more.

Entertaining and full of jollity, Little Johnís Big Problem is a yarn that the reader relishes from beginning to end. Once again Ms. Chatillon draws the reader in and makes them pay attention. The start of each episode of her Brandi Whyne series grabs the reader and by the end, the reader is totally entranced. Another wonderful tale of Brandi Whyne.

NOTE: Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures with Robin Manhood and His Totally Sexed-Out Space Pirates is a series that can be read separately or together. Ms. Chatillon adds a preview at the end of each tale that links the stories up beautifully.


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