Liquid Assets by Layne Blacque
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-548-7
Reviewed by Nellie


In a bid to get rich quickly Cassie Prescott plots business ventures and entangles other people in them. In her entrepreneurial inspirations she leaves a trail of failed business ventures and brokenhearted people. Finally, a lucky break, Cassieís aunt left her a hundred thousand dollars but it has strings attached to it.  She has no choice but to devise yet another scheme and involves her best friendís brother, Nathan Warner. Nathan has been a victim to Cassieís schemes and did not want any part of the train wreckage she tries to rope him into. But Cassie brings out the big guns and offers him his fantasy with strings attached. Marriage with all the benefits it encompasses and a ten thousand dollar incentive.

The storyline for Liquid Assets was weak, but the intricately formulated plot buffeted the weakness. There was so much of the hot/cold kind of romance that I ended up losing my patience.  I am standing on the fence with this story, there were some aspects I liked and some I did not like, hence I am in the middle with this story


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