Licked by Barrie Abalard
Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-60272-098-5
Reviewed by Tanya



Terri Gates needs a job bad.  She has to find a place she can stable her horse, add to that the fact that the owner of the Triple-Bar Dude Ranch is rumored to spank his women as foreplay, and she knows she has to get the job.  This job at the Triple-Bar would represent the best of both worlds as Terri has always harbored a fantasy of being spanked, but she hasnít dated anyone she feels wonít think she is a pervert for asking for this type of foreplay.

DJ has been burned in the past by women and has basically closed off his heart, thinking they can do nothing for him other than in his bed.  But he is in desperate need of another ranch hand, and Terri shows up at the right time.  She looks so spankable he hires her against his judgment.  When she doesnít balk at his punishments will his heart thaw?  When tragedy strikes at the ranch will he trust Terri or revert to his old ways?

Licked is a well-written, spanking fetish story.  While many stories in this genre tend to focus only on the fetish, this story has a well-developed plotline.  I enjoyed reading the entire story and enjoyed how the fast-paced book played out.  Licked is not for all people. You probably wonít like it if you are against spanking as foreplay, but if this doesnít bother you, Licked will be on your must-have list.


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