Killer Attraction by Mikala Ash
Whispers Publishing
Reviewed by Indy



Refusing to give in to the call of her animalistic nature, wolfen Justine Price has abstained from the pleasures of the flesh for longer than she cares to remember. Finally tired of the loneliness that comes with the pull of the moon, she comes up with a plan to get a little bit of pleasure. Interrupted by a fellow wolfen needing intervention before he commits a horrible crime, Justine rushes to his side. She doesn’t expect to find a human male who will cause her to forget her self imposed exile on delights to be had with humans. Detective Greene, is on the hunt for the murderous madman killing women in his city. The chemistry he feels as he matches wits with the woman who shares his interest in Shakespearean storylines is an unexpected but welcome diversion. There’s just something puzzling about how Justine wound up in the middle of his investigation and he will need to find out why before the next full moon when the killer is sure to strike again.

After seeing the blurb for this story I knew I had to read it. Hmm let’s see, a killer on the loose, unknown dangers and of course the perquisite cop. Justine and Michael are totally hot to watch, as they traded quotes from some of Shakespeare’s most popular offerings, I couldn’t help but be dazzled. Killer Attraction was just as exciting as I hoped it would be and more. The witty dialogue, interesting turn of events and of course the actual villain himself made this a winner for Mikala Ash. Readers will find this story a tad gritty but laced with a persuasive romance that leaves you wondering what’s next.


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