Justice by Sara Bell
M/M Contemporary/Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60370-189-1
Reviewed by Lidyah



Medium Marc has set up his own Paranormal Investigation business, with his sister and best friend on board, and a trainee medium, Marcís business is doing well. But a single phone call disrupts Marcís business as he heads out to meet a frantic owner about a haunted mansion. What Marc didnít expect was to see the one man he had loved and lost eight years ago.

I enjoyed Justice, I like the simplicity of the storyline and the characters. However being someone who has read many Paranormal stories from e-publishers, Justice read exactly the same - which didnít exactly leave any room for originality. I also found the ending of the story very abrupt, and not very fulfilling. I felt that the author semi-concluded the relationship aspect of the story, but not the actual investigation which was a shame, because that was the plot as much as the relationship.

On the bright side, I liked Marc who was the main character. And I also found Alex, one of the supporting characters to be amusing. But overall I enjoyed the story, it was a quick and easy read which wasnít demanding or fussy.


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