Jakeís Return by Liana Laverentz
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-60154-124-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Rebecca Reed and Jacob Donovan were good friends who, for one night eight years ago, were lovers.  Jake left town right after that night and Rebecca never told him when she found out she was pregnant.

Jake has come back to Warner after being released from prison.  Rebecca is sure he is innocent of committing the crime the was accused of, but the town is not convinced and isnít willing to give him a second chance.  

Jake fights his attraction and his desire to be with Rebecca because he feels heís no good for her.  When something sinister happens in Warner, Jake must put aside his feelings to keep Rebecca and their daughter safe.

Jakeís Return is a story about love lost and found.  Jake is stubborn, yet caring, and Rebeccaís devotion for him is endearing.  I wish Jake didnít constantly push Rebecca away, but it is still a good story with mystery and romance.


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