Itís Fairy Possible by Kiernan Kelley
Fionn Oí the Fae, Book 2
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary / Fantasy
ISBN: 976-1-60370-091-7, 1-60370-091-9
Reviewed by Cassie



Fionn Oí the Fae is still cursed, and still trying to manipulate the curse so he can figure out how to escape it.  Although he has to be summoned by a mortal (using special words) to come to the human realm, heís figured out how to get the book to people he handpicks and trick them into saying the words.  This time, he manages to get the book to Daniel OíConnell, who has spent a decade looking for the book.  Daniel is understandably surprised to see Fionn when he appears.  Fionn can only get satisfaction if the mortalís one wish is to have sex with Fionn.  What will Daniel wish for?  And will Fionn break the curse at last?

Itís Fairy Possible is part two of a three-part Chaser series.  Itís not intended to stand alone, so donít pick this one up without reading the first one.  That said, this installment in a fun and fast-paced continuation of Fionnís adventures.  Fionn is just as sexy and tricky as ever.  Daniel, though he isnít terribly well developed, is a caring and sensual guy.  The interaction between Fionn and Daniel is sweet and hot.  Other characters interfere, as always, with some unexpected results.  The addition of a new character upped the stakes quite a bit, leading to yet another cliffhanger ending.  I guess Iíll just have to wait anxiously until the third story in this series to find out if Fionn can break the curse! 


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