Instinct by Denise A. Agnew
Special Investigations Agency
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419911842
Reviewed by Nellie


Mina Carling has been hurt and does not want anything to do with men. Minding her own business at a conference, she became the victim of paper-thin walls in her hotel room. The animalist groaning and moaning adding up with the ecstatic and orgasmic experiences her next door neighbors were making are making Mina horny and wanting charismatic SIA agent, Lucas Sloan.  Someone is after Sloan, and that someone would use everyone including coworkers to hurt him. He was put in charge of Mina Carling, the standoffish scientist he is always rubbing the wrong way and having spurring words with. Is it just mutual dislike or under those insults and snide remarks to each other is there a repressed sexual tension and attraction to each other? But are they willing to let go and give in to that passion that is lying underneath the little arguments or is it going to be too late as Sloan’s nemesis zeroes in on Mina.

Instinct is a three-day affair that culminated into the two main characters having a happy ever after ending. There are so many romance novels that you need a hook, line and sinker to drill you in and get immersed within the story. In this story I was not hooked and there was no differentiating it from all the other romance novels that I have read. Once you read one, it seems you read them all, and to me, it felt like I read it before.


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