Infiltration by Sherrill Quinn
The Praetorians, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60494-064-1
Reviewed by Indy



Having kept her telepathic powers a secret since her childhood it took only seconds for her brother to unwittingly bring her house of secrecy down. Now on the run from The Foundation and its leader Bedrosian, Kendra Shepard knows she has to keep moving while trying to regain control of her shields. Quinn O’Rourke is a Praetorian, the name given to humans who participated, some willingly others not, in a genetic experiment that added animal DNA to humans which resulted in superior warriors with an animalistic nature. Finally accepting his fate Quinn knows he isn’t meant for relationships. Especially one with someone as sweet and tender as Kendra, it still doesn’t take away the memories of their special night together where he took more than just her innocence. Hearing that her life is in danger sets the beast inside of him off and he knows he has to get to her before The Foundation’s soldiers do, as he knows intimately what can happen when you find yourself at their mercy and in their ruthless hands. Together Kendra and Quinn will have to break through his personal barriers while trying to stay sane as they both work to free each other from the hands of a mad man.

In a futuristic piece that inserts the subliminal message of global warming Infiltration continues the story of the Praetorians. This is my first glimpse at a world where humans have designed genetically enhanced soldiers for the purpose of controlling the masses. Of course with power eventually comes corruption and the use of telepaths to implant thoughts into the world’s most vulnerable seems as low as one can get. Quinn and Kendra’s relationship is as complicated as a scientific experiment because of Quinn’s painful past. Kendra was patient and protective which normally winds up being the male’s role in romance books but worked to make her an interesting heroine as she continued to be selfless in her determination to save others. Sherrill Quinn has created an interesting world with enough defecting soldiers that should keep this series going for many stories to come but one character who really stood out is Hatchet, now he is someone who I would love to see get what’s coming to him.


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