I Shagged the Sheriff by Nancy Lindquist
Loose Id
Genre: BDSM Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-488-6
Reviewed by Gracie



Daisy Mae Partridge had a different life planned for herself, but she is in Boxer County, Florida working as a Liberated Woman sales representative, which means she is selling sex toys to the women of her town.  Daisy did not see herself living in this town that had always treated her like an outsider.  She was a foster child, but here she is.  There were a few people who treated her decently, one of them being local sheriff Tom Williams.

Tom Williams did not plan to still be in Boxer County.  He had plans to move to the city and work for the police force, but everything changed the day his father died.  Tom used to be fun and carefree, but his responsibilities and the pressures he put on himself have completely changed the way he looks at things.

Daisy and Tom have been friends since grade school and very briefly they considered more, but then life got in the way.  Tom changed after his father died.  He lost his carefree attitude and become serious and uptight.  Tom, also, became sheriff of Boxer County and he takes his job very seriously.  He has been avoiding Daisy since she came back to town and part of this has to do with the things he wants to do to Daisy.  Daisy figures that Tom may be avoiding her because of her job as it is illegal to sell sex toys in Boxer County.  Daisy would certainly like to have a bit more to do with Tom, though.  Up to this point, Tom has ignored Daisy’s questionable job, but rumor has it his mother has just signed up for one of her “special” parties.  As Daisy and Tom are brought together after Tom arrests Daisy things heat up between them and their old feelings resurface.  Will Tom be able to overlook Daisy’s career to find the love they both need?

I Shagged the Sheriff is a fun read!  Daisy is beautiful, kind, and very certain that every woman should receive what they are entitled to.  Tom takes his job very seriously, but he has a side that he keeps completely hidden from everyone.  I was rooting for Daisy and Tom to find a way past their differences to explore the feelings and the attraction they has always been there.  Nancy Lindquist writes characters that are believable and fun.  I Shagged the Sheriff was a good read and a great way to spend the evening.


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