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Hot Like Fire by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh
The Taming and Liberation of Mariana
Beautiful Trouble Publishing
I/R Erotica
ISBN: 978-1-4357-0073- 4
Reviewed by Nellie



All the dreams of a happy ever after with a perfect man suddenly came crushing down on Mariana. She is black, curvaceous and stacked from both the front and the back so no hope in hell for her to compete with the model blonde type woman her boyfriend dumped her for. Mariana goes to her dream resort in Tahiti to console herself, only to find true love in the form of 6.9 feet, 390 pound mammoth linebacker, Samson Ahiga Madeira. Samson is lonely; he is leaving the American dream, playing football, financial wiz with huge investments still accumulating money, real estates, money and a pick of all the beautiful women in the world. The minute he laid his eyes on Mariana, his world is finally aligned. His other half in the flesh was beckoning him with sad eyes. He knew that he had found his soul mate and he would give her the world if she asked it of him.

I was disappointed with Hot Like Firebecause I have read most of the combined authors’ materials and they were hot. The storyline was weak and there was too much emphasis on the alpha dominant characteristic that felt too aggressive. I could not connect with the story and at the end it was a story that was lauded with too much alpha and too many sexual escapades. Despite the disappointment, I loved the way the authors make the characters jump into life I could visualize their physical appearance and their characteristics.


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