Hot! Hot! Hot! by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 1-58608
Reviewed by Gracie



Crystal Addison has always been different.  She tries to minimize her differences and most times she is successful.  She has never really met anyone quite like herself.  Crystal is a psychic advisor, of sorts, for the police.  They call her in on cases that seem a bit a strange and they do not really have any idea what is going on.

Razael Quaylen is a bit different, in his own way.  Razael is more comfortable with who he is and his special abilities.  Razael is a fire elemental.  He is a supernatural detective, he looks into any crimes that appear to have been committed under unusual circumstances.

Crystal is called in on a suspicious death caused by what appears to be fire.  While Crystal is looking around she notices a strange shimmering in the air and decides to follow it.  Crystal finally corners the glimmer only to watch it turn into a very sexy man.  He appears in front of Crystal and explains a bit about who and what he is.  Crystal calls Razael when another strange murder occurs, and they decide to team up to stop the force that is causing these murders.  While they work on the case things heat up between them.  Will their attraction be enough to turn into something more than just heat?

Hot! Hot! Hot! is an enjoyable read.  Crystal is a bit insecure about her differences, but is willing to use them if they can help others.  Razael is a good man who only wants to find the killer and help Crystal anyway he can.  The heat between these two is instant and it was interesting watching them interact and come together.  Stephanie Bedwell-Grime writes stories that pull the readers in and keeps them there.


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