Horsemaster by Kara Lawson
Gay, Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60370-188-5
Reviewed by Raine



Bryn like any teen wants to go off to college.  He plans to pursue Oceanography like his Dad. His Dad and Ronan, his dadís partner, have an interesting relationship since Ronan is a selkie. Bryn gets to school and he and his roommate, Kyle, fast become best friends spending almost all holidays together. When the boys go on a field study looking for sea monsters is when things go awry. Bryn is being seduced by an unknown entity and it isnít looking good. Kyle must figure out a way to save Bryn or lose him.

Thereís a lot of lore and background packed into Horsemaster with selkies, sea monsters and water horses. Bryn is this adorable young man who wants to do right by all those around him. And Luke becomes a huge part of his life, even away from the school. I liked the story setting, it was really well written. The dynamics between these two young men wonderful, but at the end I was left wishing their relationship had been taken a step further.


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