Honeymoon for One by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Twenty-Five years ago, Greg and Abby had been married, but the wedding hadnít been anything Abby had wanted.  Now, they were in paradise preparing to renew their vows.  Abby had planned meticulously, brought a white wardrobe for being a bride again, and was hoping this would help bring improvements to their marriage.

First problem she saw was that Greg had invited Dorian, someone she considered a womanizer who drifted from job to job.  The second problem was that she was then left standing at the altar.

Dorian had never liked the way that Greg treated Abby.  She was a wonderful woman who Greg tried to mold into somebody that he wanted.  But he still didnít want her.  Dorian knew he cheated on her, and never appreciated her.  Now that Greg had abandoned Abby, Dorian knew that it was left to him to help her recover.  He had no intention of taking advantage of her when her emotions were raw, but sometimes things happen when you are in paradise with the woman youíve wanted since you were in high school.

It was a little difficult for me to truly immerse myself into Honeymoon For One.  Based on the blurb, I thought this was going to be a romance of a woman who gets left at the altar before she is married.  So, first is the fact that Abby is a married woman Ė granted, she is married to a creep.  Second is that the hero of the book is someone who somewhat enabled Greg to cheat on her all these years.  However, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime adequately portrays Greg as big enough jerk that the reader can understand that Abby has come to terms with the fact that her marriage is at an end, and she can start to look forward to a new life.


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