Heartís Desire by Leanne Karella
The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Ella Slater has been employed by Carson Kinsey on his ranch for four years.  She has been keeping his house, cooking his food and taking care of his daughter.  For four years she has loved him silently but steadfastly.  She has never verbalized her love because after all, she is only a whore he found in a saloon.

Carson Kinsey has watched Ella take care of his home and daughter for four years.  Four years in which he has watched her look at him with something akin to desire in her eyes.  He knows what Ella used to be and he doesnít understand why she chose the lifestyle she was living before she showed up on his ranch.  It isnít until one night when Ella offered to cut his hair that the feelings these two lonely souls have repressed come to the forefront.  Will Carson finally realize that Ella is the woman he needs for the rest of his life or will he continue to think of her as a fallen woman?

Heartís Desire by Leanne Karella grabbed me by the heart and didnít let go. I ached for Ella and her feelings for Carson.  I clenched my fist in anger at Carsonís thoughts on Ellaís former position.  But when it was all over and I read the last word? I smiled for a story well told.  At only 28 pages, Heartís Desire packs a powerful, emotional punch.  I loved it.


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