Halloween Angel by Tricia Ann Woods
The Wild Rose Press
Inspirational Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Misty had a disdain for Halloween that went back to her childhood.  She didnít like the costumes, she didnít like the trick-or-treating, and now as an adult, she didnít like that her boss had a mandatory Halloween party, in costume with mask.

While looking for a costume, a mousy lady helps her find the perfect one.  It is beautiful and has a mask that she doesnít find too confining.  At the event, Misty wondered when she could leave, but she is asked to dance, repeatedly, by someone whose eyes look somewhat familiar.

I really liked the concept for Halloween Angel.  It is somewhat like a Cinderella story for Halloween.  However, I just couldnít really connect with the book.  I thought that Mistyís hatred for Halloween was a bit trivial, and found the whole idea for the party farfetched.  I also would consider this story sweet, not necessarily Inspirational.  Still, the author kept a good pace and did fully develop a storyline.


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