Hall Monitor by Aubrey Leatherwood
Dark Eden Press
Erotica Contemporary
Reviewed by Beth Anne



I thoroughly enjoyed the confrontation between the cool, composed, aloof, always professional Gayle Dearing and the Security Captain ex-football player at her job, Eric.  Both are watching each other.  Eric suspects Gayle doesnít know he exists.  Gayle has always been able to separate her professional life from her personal life and has never had any qualms about getting what she wants from the men in her life, but recognizes thereís something missing in her relationships.

In Hall Monitor, when both Eric and Gayle become aware of each other, their work encounters are laced with nerves and bumbling conversation as well as sexual tension and innuendos.  The awkwardness and un-debonair actions of both Gayle and Eric made the characters more real to me.  Prior to their encounters, both were confident and always professional.  Gayleís almost perfect Barbie-doll like hair and suits and overall appearance began to take a toll and make her seem a little more human and a bit more approachable.  Ericís fumbles are funny and sweet.  I enjoyed their humorous and passionate story as they fell apart at the seams for each other as well as the turn of events that lead to an explosive climatic ending.


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