Gremlins by Isabelle Spurrier
Changeling Press
Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59596-753-4
Reviewed by Tanya



Anna has turned into the definition of a homebody.  She doesn’t date, she works, reads, and chats online.  She feels that only online can she express her secrets, as she is anonymous.  She winds up striking up a friendship with one particular online man “gremlin” and he knows all her secrets.  One night suddenly, she figures she is dreaming, as “gremlin” is suddenly standing behind her in her apartment.  Gremlin will make this a night she never forgets.

I found Gremlins to be rushed and I didn’t think the author took enough time or care developing the characters.  While the author was inventive and did give some background and an epilogue I felt that it was just to have a reason to be able to write all of the hot sexual scenes in the middle.  Don’t get me wrong Gremlins has some very well written sexual scenes in it but, I didn’t think overall all that the book flowed well, or made me want to tell all my friends about it.


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