Goldilocks and His Three Bears by AM Riley
Gay, Contemporary, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60370-142-6, 1-60370-142-7
Reviewed by Raine



Brian has recently moved into LA. He visits a bar called Faultline and meets Paul. Paul is the Dom he needs, and all goes well until Paul needs to leave town on business. Brian is left floundering until he meets Jim and is pampered and taken care of. When Jim needs to leave town for a few days he asks Brian to water his plants and Brain ends up hooking up with Scott, Jimís roommate. Coincidentally Paul is also their roommate. And only Brian knows heís been with all three men, not by plan, but is worried how Paul, the man he pines for, will react when he finds out?

Brian is a kind and bouncy sort of young man. Paul is a serious leather wearing biker. Jim is a big ole teddy bear who tries to mother everyone. And Scott is your average typical horny guy. Take the four of these guys and put them together in one apartment and you have an instant fantasy setting. The guys encounter several problems along the way and have to work at making this foursome mesh.  AM Riley did an excellent job of writing sex scenes to include all four guys which couldnít have been easy. Goldilocks and His Three Bears is a fun and sexy read youíll love!


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