Going Down by Kris Eton
Cobblestone Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-164-0
Reviewed by Tanya



HR director Sara is working late one night and when she gets to the elevator, she is confronted with either standing in a dark hallway or getting into the elevator with the office playboy.  After a brief personal debate, she heads into the elevator.  When the elevator is suddenly stuck between floors, she lets her imagination run wild.  With her fantasies getting the better of her, she’s at least not giving into her fear of enclosed spaces.  She decides she is going to play with Ian and get him all worked up but not follow through in the end.

Ian is stunned the woman who has starred in most of his fantasies is trapped on the elevator with him.  But she seems to be treating him like a slug.  She looks at him like he is a letch.  He is stunned when she puts on the sexy display.  He is further stunned when she just walks away.  It looks like he may have blown it with his fantasy woman, and he isn’t even sure how or why.

Going Down is one hot story about checking your facts.  I love how the supposed ‘bad boy’ really is a workaholic who is attracted to the straight-laced woman.  The story brings home how you have to make sure you don’t put too much trust in the gossips and to check things out for yourself, or you just might miss the biggest prize of them all.  I thoroughly loved this story and look forward to other novels by Kris Eton.


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