Gargoyle’s Wrath by Nia K. Foxx
Gargoyle’s, Book 4
Changeling Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-837-1
Reviewed by Lisa



Fate has a special plan for Aman Jacobs that is beyond her wildest imaginings.  A happenstance made real, in a wing-shaped birthmark, lands Aman in a situation she is ill prepared to accept.

For so many long years there was no hope for Sergei Romanov in finding a mate.  But now lady luck has been kind and Sergei will do anything to secure the one woman meant for him.

The gargoyle’s thought they would remain alone but now Fledglings or female mates are being found for the Protectors of humans.  Aman doesn’t want a man in her life, gargoyle or otherwise.  It is up to Sergei to convince her to stay when all is said and done.  Aman is meant for Sergei and he won’t let her go but it would be heaven if she agreed to be his mate willingly, forever.

When you read Gargoyle’s Wrath prepare for a stubborn, strong-willed heroine and an immovable Alpha hero.  I loved watching Aman and Sergei lock horns…er, heads trying to get the other to budge an inch.  Maybe the struggle could have been resolved a little bit sooner but it’s definitely a fun, carnal and delicious story of two beings meant for each other.  Also, I liked the sub plot and hope we hear from Aman’s friend Sam down the road sometime.


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