Gags by Willa Okati, Megan Rose, Kiernan Kelly
Toy Box
Torquere Press
Gay/Lesbian Romance Anthology
ISBN: (13): 978-1-60370-051-1; (10): 1-60370-051-X
Reviewed by Sabella



Mouthing Off (Big Enough for Five vignette) by Willa Okati

Baz has gotten them all in trouble.  Again.  So Ryan gets all the boys riled up to punish Baz.  But will what Marcus, Ryan, Nicholas and Aiden do to Baz be really punishment or fun for Baz?

Mouthing Off is lots of fun and offers us the opportunity to catch up with the sexy hot boys from Big Enough for Five.  Baz will have you laughing from the very first word.  This story is not to be missed.


Shh by Megan Rose

Julia and Sarah meet over the internet and find in each other what they are looking for – an emotionless fling to satisfy their bodies.  What will they do when they find themselves with more?

In Shh we find out how silence can be louder than words.  This story is sweetly poignant and will stay with you for a while.


Ballin’ the Jack by Kiernan Kelly

Jack McGill is making a lot of money since he moved to the middle of Nowhere, USA to run a sexual aids shop.  However, he’s having a lot more trouble finding a date, but when a salesman comes in to demonstrate his product Jack might get some overdue attention.

Ballin’ the Jack is funny and well worth the time it takes to read it.  Jack is attractive in a next-door neighbor kind of way and his internal monologue will keep you entertained.


Gags is a wonderful group of stories than ranges from funny to emotional to the ridiculous.  All in all, this anthology is not to be passed up.  Pick up Gags the next time you go shopping.


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