Forever Eden by L. Shannon
Cobblestone Press
Science Fiction Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Adam Spotted-Paw had spent most of his seven hundred years matching mates among the members of the community who lived on Raxis.  Yet he had never once found the woman who would be his own.  Not, that is, until she practically crashed into him.  Then he knew that finally, everything was falling right into place for him.

Evelyn Moonchaser was a soldier whose presence on Raxis could bring danger to the inhabitants.  Her crash landing had already destroyed their temple, and the council was calling to sanction her.  She didnít think things could get much worse.  Then Adam claimed that they were mates. 

Evelynís arrival caused further disturbances than just a mating, and temple destruction.  Learning of the intergalactic wars caused Adam to question the history of his people, and even their faith.  He also knew that there was no future for Evelyn on Raxis.  He would have to choose between his mate and the uncertainties of war, and everything he has known, which includes peace and serenity.

Forever Eden is a Science Fiction foray into the world of L. Shannonís Valafrn werewolves.  The story was fascinating, enjoyable, and I really liked Evelynís ďpartnerĒ.  However, Iíve read some of her other stories in this series, but was still a bit confused with this one.  It seemed out of place in the series, and not up to par with the others.


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