Foreign Boys by Laura Baumbach, Ally Blue and
William Maltese
Aspen Mountain Press
Gay Romance Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-60168-055-6
Reviewed by Sabella



Wayne in Spain by William Maltese

Travel with Wayne as he looks back and retells the beginning of his sexual experiences and how he ended up with an older lover and into S&M.

Wayne in Spain is a different and provocative retelling of Wayne’s sexual awakening and explorations into poltergeists and sexual kinks. This story while interesting and unique is very wordy and full of obscure language and repetitive sentences that manage to make this story fall sadly short of funny and sensual.


That Voodoo by Ally Blue

As Doug is walking around one night trolling for some company he finds Antoine.  Antoine bewitches Doug in ways that are hard to understand but Doug can’t help himself – even as he knows that it’s leading no where good…

In an atypical dark tale from Ally Blue That Voodoo will capture your attention as it reflects aspects of a harsher reality.  Doug and Antoine are interesting and engaging from start to finish.


Dark Side of the Moon by Laura Baumbach

Harley is “living“ on borrowed time and he knows it.  Ever since he was crippled he has been marked for death by the “powers that be” within the vampire community.  However, when he meets Matt things become weirder still…

Dark Side of the Moon is an entertaining tale about vampires and all the trouble one of them can get into and the power of having someone to care for you.  Harley is funny and a little sad but always entertaining,


Foreign Boys is a great anthology that is a little bit dark and a lot fun.  All three stories are unique and charming with enough spice to entertain from start to finish.  Dark Side of the Moon shines in this anthology for it’s light-hearted tone, while That Voodoo takes a darker path that will capture your attention as well.  Do pick up Foreign Boys the next time you go shopping!


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