Forbidden Freshman by Carol Lynne
Campus Cravings, Book 5
Total E-bound
Gay Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-39-9
Reviewed by Sabella



Joe Pressman is old enough to know better at thirty-five that Rocco, an eighteen year old is way too young for him.  Regardless of whatever chemistry there is between them, Joe has to resist Rocco. Besides the age difference Rocco is the son of Joe’s best friend – who would not take well to his son being gay.  But as things come to a point where Joe can no longer deny his feelings for Rocco fate conspires to create more obstacles in Joe’s path to happiness with Rocco.

Rocco Williams has never really known his father outside of his yearly week long visit, but when his mother tosses Rocco out of the house his father is the only person Rocco can think of that might take him in.  However, once he gets there problems start coming up with his father – the least of which is Rocco’s sexuality.  But when Joe catches Rocco’s eye and he can’t think of a good reason not to pursue the man – especially since he knows the interest is returned.

As fate throws several large obstacles in their way Rocco and Joe will need to decide if what they have going is worth all this heartache and work…

Forbidden Freshman is a fun romance that has a good mix of angst, passion and comfort.  Joe is the classic older man that is sure of himself and what he wants but with enough vulnerability to need reassurance from his much younger partner.  Rocco is a character that’s easy to love from the beginning of the story.  And while Rocco’s vulnerabilities can be expected given his troubled past he is a lovable character, nonetheless, for his ability to keep standing in the face of it all and keep an upbeat attitude about the future.  Both men are charmingly real and incredibly hot together which made for some fun reading while Ms. Lynne delivers the expected HEA.  Forbidden Freshman is a great read – by far the best book in the series so far – and perfect for when you are looking for something with a little bit of angst and lots of passion!


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