Forbidden Fire by Terri Lynn
Mojocastle Press
ISBN: 1-60180-020-7
Reviewed by Indy



Vengeance is the driving force for Jenny Lange and her twin brother Josh. Orphaned after the brutal murder of her parents, the pain and bitterness that lead her sister into the path which eventually found her murdered by the same man who killed their parents now drives Jenny and her twin. Sure that Karl Dunstan is the man responsible for the killing of her parents, they’ve devised a plan to hit him where it hurts, in his pockets. Robbing his coaches while saving up enough money to buy back their childhood home, Jenny knows what they are doing is dangerous especially while using Karl’s affections for her to get more information about his business. When Karl hires a detective to catch the outlaws who’ve been attacking his coaches, Jenny knows she and her brother will have to make their next run their last, that’s if they can get away from the detective, a detective who Jenny is more aware of than she should be.

Sometimes the only way to get justice is to take it. In Forbidden Fire, Jenny and Josh Lange find out the hard way that sometimes the law isn’t there when you need them. In a story that provides intrigue, danger and with it a love story just as gritty in the making as the land around it, Jenny is a beacon of strength surrounded by men willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Terri Lynn has done a good job and I was impressed that even though this was a plus sized novel, it still managed to keep my attention. I think readers who enjoy a slower paced story with a more developed plot will find this Mojocastle release has just the right mix.


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