Flirting With Danger by Samara King
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Vampire Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-324-7
Reviewed by Indy



Having had her dream wedding destroyed on two different occasions by two commitment shy vampires, Arieona "Aries" Roman was trying to move on with her life and her family business. That is until someone decides to steal a fortune of diamonds with sentimental value to her family. Determined to get her family jewels back, Aries isnít surprised to come into contact with Quentin the vampire who left her the day of her wedding and shattered her heart into pieces. His need to keep her safe is a hindrance since they canít seem to stay vertical for more than a few minutes whenever they come in close contact. Their reunion becomes hectic when another vampire from her past decides he wants to take over the world by bringing to life a vampire that will ensure the destruction of them all.

In a book that comes across as a modified e-book version of Blade, Flirting with Danger might have been a really good story if there was more original thought in the concept. Sure Quentin and Aries are hot together but I wouldnít expect less from an erotic paranormal. What I found rather disappointing is the play on the vampire blood God being brought to life, the chosen one needed to house the body, etc. Even with the differences it still came across as the same basic vampire story changed enough to not seem too much like the motion picture it resembled.   Overall I was hoping for more since Multicultural books have a special place in my heart and after waiting so long for this book to be released it was a downer to see the wait was for naught.


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